Koffee and Kreme

Life's too Short to Be Bored, Miserable, and Unhappy!

Not Your Average Coffee Shop!

I have had struggles with my emotions. Those tangents that transpire in the abyss of my mind cause me to want to curl up in the fetal position in my bed and hope happy thoughts pull the covers from over my body. Now we all know things like that just don’t happen unless you are living a hallucination or a dream. So… how exactly does one “be happy” when they are going through hardships or when life just isn’t giving the break they need? I am not certain of the answer, granted there are many answers to this question and each answer may work differently for each person, all we can do is take note on what works for ourselves and what we’ve noticed has worked for others (solely from observation). What this blog is set forth to do is win over the battle of sadness, hopelessness, and defeat. Blaes and I have both been there and we are experimenting to figure out what is it that brings us joy and fulfillment even during those time we want to pull our hair out, yell, cry, or just escape the world.

Koffee and Kreme is an experiment of its own. It is a documentation of who WE are and the transformation (that comes along with growing) that we are to make. We hope that through all our wackiness, truthfulness, ignorance (because we DON’T know everything of course), and creativity you take from us something new and hopefully beneficial. At the end of the day we are just two young ladies trying to make it in the city of Seattle. Our information is not greater or no less than anyone else’s but what makes us unique is… well… us. We’re not you, you’re not us, she’s not me, and I’m not her. We are different and that’s what makes everything that much better. Both of us have had our taste of struggles from being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at a young to being homeless on the streets of Seattle at a young age. This blog is our way of telling you OUR stories and how they have shaped us. Both of us have experienced depression and at one point or another let sadness control our minds. With KAK we want to engage with others who are on this journey to find happiness. We want to hear YOUR stories of your happy memories, your happy places, and all the marvelous things that make you happy!

What you can expect to see on our blog is nothing short of real and entertaining! We are two individuals who consistently look at each other and say “now why don’t we have our own TV show?!” we are full of life and energy and are going to do our best to convey just that in our blog posts but keep it serious when it needs to be. So please. Join us for Koffee and Kreme.


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